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Rob Marsden has been dry stone walling for over ten years, at first training for two years under two of the most experienced stone wallers in the North of England. This was where he learnt the craft and traditions, and gained valuable experience working alongside highly skilled men. These days, Rob works as an independent, self employed dry stone waller taking great pleasure in the different jobs and projects he undertakes in the day to day course of his business. Rob also helps teach the skills of dry stone walling to others, teaching on courses organized by the Dry Stone Wall Association. He also helps run exhibitions on behalf of the Association, the most well known of which is the Royal Horticultural Society event at Tatton Park.

Services Provided
  • Advise on the size and eventual shape of the wall and give a good idea as to what the project will look like when completed.
  • Organize the delivery of the stone to be used.
  • Provide ground work services if need be. (quite often, a good deal of digging is required so that the foundation stones can be laid evenly)
  • Give you a time scale for completion.
  • Remove any debris at the end of the project.

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